What Are the Best Live Baits For Bass Fishing?

What Are the Best Live Baits For Bass Fishing?

When it comes to live baits, bass prefer different types of prey depending on the time of year, water temperature, and weather conditions. This means that your bait should also change with the seasons. Luckily, there are many types of live baits you can use to catch bass. Here are some of the most popular choices. Hopefully, one of them will work well for you. Just remember to be subtle with your presentation.

Dobsonfly larvae: A popular choice for live baits for bass, Dobsonfly larvae can range anywhere from one to three inches in size. They can also be used to catch other species of fish. The only disadvantage of using this type of bait is that it is difficult to find them without the help of a pair of hands.

Minnows: Minnows are small baits that work well for smallmouth bass fishing. Smallmouth subspecies naturally eat them. These baits are best fished on jigheads or dropshots. You can buy minnows in any bait shop, or use minnow traps to gather your own. You can also use nightcrawlers, which are natural in the water systems.

Shad and Shiner: Shad and Shiners are popular live baits for bass, but they can be hard to keep alive. You can also try smaller sunfish or panfish as live bait. Suckers and local minnow species are also excellent choices for bass fishing.

Live minnows are great for fishing in shallow water. However, if you want to get big bass, you should choose a hook that fits the size of your bait. For example, a shiner that’s eight to 10 inches long needs a hook of at least five inches. And remember to use a weed guard if you plan to fish in heavy cover.

When it comes to live baits, the best choices are always baitfish that the fish naturally eat. Some of the best options are Shad, Sunfish, and Herring. These baits are also good for panfish, trout, and catfish. Insects and small fish are also effective baits. They work well with most species. If you choose the right bait for your fish species, you should have good luck.

Bluegills are another popular live bait because they are easy to spot and keep on the side of your boat. Bluegills also create their own presentation, which means that they attract bass. The best way to get a steady supply of bluegills is to catch as many as possible. Light tackle works best with these small fish.

When fishing in shallow water, it is important to use a live bait that moves. If you want to increase your chances of hooking bass fish, choose minnows. Minnows have high hookup percentages and are perfect for head-first strikes. For deep water, a live bait will need a little more weight.

Shads are another good live bait for bass. Shads can be difficult to keep alive, so you’ll need a large, well-aerated bait tank. Shads are also ideal for drift fishing. You’ll catch a good percentage of bass using this bait.

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