Bass Fishing Rigs Explained

Bass Fishing Rigs Explained

There are several types of bass fishing rigs. The basic rig involves a hook attached to a dropper leader and a barrel swivel at the end. This rig is also called a wacky rig. It gives the plastic bait a unique look by causing it to pulsate or flicker as it falls.

This type of rig is often used when fishing with worms or soft plastics in shallow water. To tie this type of rig, thread the hook through the tip of the worm and push it out of the bottom about 1/4 inch. You can also tie the hook to a drop shot hook. This type of rig is more effective for catching bass in deep water than in shallow waters.

The Texas rig is another option for fishing with worms. This type of rig is weighted at the nose to provide an enticing action that lures bass into biting. The weight slides the worm deeper into the water, giving you a better chance to catch big bass every time. It works best with a soft plastic or a worm that is about five inches long.

Alternatively, you can use a finesse rig. In this style, you can use any type of finesse worm or soft plastic lure. A 7-foot medium or light action rig will work best with this type of bait. It should be tied with your favorite knot. And if you’re fishing in the winter, a mushroom jig head is a great option.

Bill Mathews breaks down his 5 favorite bass fishing rigs in a comprehensive video that explains their set-up and application. Each rig is unique and works best in specific situations. For example, one rig may be effective in shallow grass while another is better at catching bass in deep rockpiles. Bill makes each rig easy to learn and implement. The video is jam-packed with helpful fishing tips.

The Texas rig is probably the most popular bass fishing rig. It features a bullet-shaped weight on the line above the hook. This rig is made for use with soft plastic worms. The hook should be small – about an eighth ounce or quarter ounce – and the worm should sit firmly on the hook. This rig can also be used with jerkbaits.

Whether you’re fishing in shallow water or deep water, you’ll need a bass fishing rig that fits your needs. If you’re fishing for smallmouth bass, a Carolina rig can be extremely effective. This style is best used when fishing offshore structures, along rocky shorelines, or near reefs in deep waters. If you prefer to fish in shallower waters, a lighter weight is also an excellent option.

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