Jerkbait Vs Crank Baits – How to Choose the RIGHT BAIT!

Jerkbait Vs Crank Baits – How to Choose the RIGHT BAIT!

Jerkbait Vs Crank Baits – How to Choose the RIGHT BAIT!

You’ve all heard the terms, “Crockpot” Bass and “Jerkbait”. But how do you know which one is right for you? Bass fishing can be a tricky thing because it’s not always the same type of fish that can be caught in the same way.

You see, bass have many different types of food which makes it very difficult to catch them all in the same fishing spot. You will often need to find someplace that is close to where they feed so you can just walk up to them and grab a bite. If you have trouble finding them, you might consider getting a small electric hook and fishing the same area.

Now, the “Jerkbait” is a different story. This fish usually swims around near where the top water bass are feeding, especially on the bottom of the lake or pond. You can usually find jerkbait near weed beds and some large tree roots.

Jerkbait can come in many different colors depending on where you catch them, but mostly they look like green, brown or black. They have a flat belly and small pointed pectoral fins.

Bass should always be tested with a live bait, as that will tell you a lot about what type of fish you are after. You can also use live bait to lure other types of fish into your lure. This is a good way of learning how to fish and to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes while fishing. Remember, a good bass fisherman always keeps a little fishing journal of his/her successes and failures along with a video documenting all of your best catches!

There are many different types of lures available for bass. Some people like the ones that are a bit more hard to cast and some prefer lighter lures. I personally prefer to use the lighter lure because it makes it easier to cast and casts easier than heavier lures. Some people don’t want a lure that’s so heavy because they think it will take longer to cast. Other people feel like the weight makes it harder to control.

The most important thing is to be able to choose a good bass fishing rod that’s the right size for your skill level. Once you have that, you’ll have lots of fun fishing for years to come.

If you’re going to fish for jerkbait, you need to know the different kinds and how each one works. Here are some of the types of jerkbait that are commonly used:

– Black jerkbait, which is actually an adult fish, is white with black spots and is used as a meal. – Pink jerkbait is also known as a sweetfish and is generally smaller than the black jerkbait. – Blue jerkbait is a smaller fish that has a small bright pink belly – White jerkbait is usually found in areas that are not flooded – The biggest of all is the blue jerkbait which is found in muddy and shallow water.

– Catching big mouth bass can sometimes be difficult if you’re using the wrong kind of crankbaits and other baits, so here’s a hint. If you’ve never caught crankbaits before, then you need to check with your local tackle shop and see what kind of crankbait they sell for catching bass.

Now, let’s talk about the different kinds of jobs you can use when fishing for jerkbait. You can use any kind of live bait that is good for fishing jerkbait – crickets, worms, minnows, Roach, catfish, fish eggs and even worms, snails and other small live things. If you’re using live bait to catch bass, remember to always get a jig or some other baits that are smaller than the jabs. For example, if you’re using crickets, it’s better to get smaller crickets because the larger ones won’t have the strength to fight the jacks. If you’re using small live bait like minnows, it’s a good idea to use them at night when the bass are most active because they can hide from larger fish and sneak up on them, and when using crickets, you should consider using the small ones during the day when the jacks are not active.

Using both live and jigs together will help you increase the chances of catching a bigger fish because it will make the crankbaits more visible and the jacks will try to avoid them. Remember, though, that jigs are good, but you want to use both as a combo to catch bigger fish.

I’ve been using crankbaits and live bait with success in my own fishing for years and have learned a lot from reading books and online articles on the subject.

What makes these lures so convenient is that you don’t need extra tackle to get started. Tie on a crankbait or jerkbait, and you’re ready to face a wide variety of waters, water depths and to target a wide variety of fish.


Best for shallow water fishing: Jerkbaits
Best for shallow to medium water fishing: Jerkbaits and smaller and/or lipless crankbaits
Best for medium to deep water fishing: Crankbaits

Overall there is no better option; every angler will fish both shallow and deep waters as your expertise grows. Using the right bait at the right location will always broaden your chances, and the only way to be prepared is by having both baits at your disposal.

It’s important to note that the best crankbaits and jerkbaits aren’t that expensive, and both typically have years of use on them. 

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